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You know, looking through all of the photos, if there’s one thing I wanted future couples to know – capturing photo’s is all about the love you have for each other. These photos are not about me, but about you. If you’re here, these are for you to view.

View these knowing that none of my previous couples have ever had a professional photography experience. I have been doing this for more than half my life, so it’s my responsibility for you to be confident in me that I’ll take amazing photos – regardless of the venue.

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Kaitlin and John's wedding in Richmond

Kaitlin and John's wedding in Richmond

Karen + Junior

Karen and Junior's wedding was truly filled with love. The sunset capped off a perfect day, which was initially forecast for rain. Clear skies and beautiful loved rained through out the day instead.

Katie + Brett

Katie and Brett had an amazing wedding! Their day was fully packed with so much love! We actually were able to go to four different locations, including the wedding venue and reception.

Wedding Adoration

Melicia + Joey, I'm not sure I have the words to describe their wedding. Thankfully, I'm not a writer. These photos will provide a visual for how much love they have for each other, something that words can not describe. 

Forest Wedding

It was such a huge honor to capture Courtney and Ryan's wedding. Although the photo's don't show it, it actually rained just prior to their wedding. Despite the rain, the day could not have gone any better.

Kara + Nick

Love. verb 1. feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to (someone). Kara and Nick were such an incredible joy to capture. Just to let you know, as you view the photos, the chapel was an incredible setting. But it was also a bit warm inside since there is no actual A.C. It was near 100 degrees outside but their love for each other was just as warm.

Sara + Justin

Sara + Justin, a perfect day for a perfect Beach Wedding.

Boathouse of Love

Naomi and Daniel are filled with so much joy and love. This wedding had everything in it that reminded me why I love doing this. Naomi's eyes locked with Daniel's and they visually communicated "I love you,"

Brunoni Wedding

“Two souls with but a single thought; two hearts that beat as one.” —Friedrich Halm