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You know, looking through all of the photos, if there’s one thing I wanted future couples to know – capturing photo’s is all about the love you have for each other. These photos are not about me, but about you. If you’re here, these are for you to view.

View these knowing that none of my previous couples have ever had a professional photography experience. I have been doing this for more than half my life, so it’s my responsibility for you to be confident in me that I’ll take amazing photos – regardless of the venue.

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Kaitlin and John's wedding in Richmond

Kaitlin and John's wedding in Richmond

Sara + James

Sara and James initially came to me earlier in the year so full in love. I knew on there wedding day it would be something very special.

Allison + Jason

Allison and Jason's wedding was filled with so much love. First, what an amazing wedding day they had planned out. They had their wedding at the Pole Green Church where they also had some sunset photos. We then traveled to Libby Park and the Main Street Train Station in Richmond. Ultimately I think we went to six different locations and captured amazing photos at each one.

Karen + Clayton

Wow! Both Karen and Clayton were just filled with so much adoration for one another. To be honest, it's always so hard to spill the beans to the groom in letting him know how beautiful she looks. I knew how amazing she looked, but he didn't. To capture his true love of emotions as she walked down the aisle was just so much of an honor to capture.

Kim + Aaron

I couldn't believe this venue location was in Virginia Beach. I remember when Kim and Aaron told me there was a Koi Pond, I thought something entirely different. This place was so amazingly beautiful and totally reflected their beautiful love for each other.

Essence + Josh

This wedding was the first fall wedding I had this year and was beautiful in every way. Essence's family and friends showered her with a tremendous amount of love. Josh's side also was filled with so much joy and were visibly proud of both of them. It was an absolute joy to capture their love for each other.

Rachel + David

Rachel and David's wedding venue initially was moved inside because of a severe storm passing through. But ultimately what ended up happening is there love was so strong it couldn't be contained inside. Their families were so proud of them and there future it was just truly amazing to capture.

Katia + Matthew

Nothing was more magnified then Katia and Matthew's love for each other. As he was filled with love tears while she walked down the aisle, it was just a moment filled with incredible love and joy for each other.

Sherri + Nathan

Sherri and Nathan's wedding was absolutely stunning. Hurricane Florence forced them to move their wedding venue location from Virginia Beach to the Washington D.C. area. While planning and relocating their wedding within just a couple of days - everything came out amazing! Be sure to check out their engagement photo session too.

Rebecca + Jason

Rebecca and Jason's wedding was simply stunning. From her wedding dress to his Tux, the whole ceremony and reception was just filled with so much love. Everyone was filled with so much joy to see them all together. I love capturing weddings like this because there are no true words that can really explain the amount of joy.

Natalie + Chris

One of the things I admired about their wedding day was the families. Each of their families was so excited - when I see that my heart just melts.