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You know, looking through all of the photos, if there’s one thing I wanted future couples to know – capturing photo’s is all about the love you have for each other. These photos are not about me, but about you. If you’re here, these are for you to view.

View these knowing that none of my previous couples have ever had a professional photography experience. I have been doing this for more than half my life, so it’s my responsibility for you to be confident in me that I’ll take amazing photos – regardless of the venue.

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Amanda + Eric

Amanda + Eric

Niranjani and Jon’s Wedding at the Sri Guruvaayoorappan Temple

Niranjani and Jon's wedding day was completely full of love. By the word completely, I mean the wedding prep began at 4:30 a.m. and ended at around 11 p.m. This was a full day. 

Molly and Dustin’s wedding at Memorial Presbyterian Church

Molly and Dustin's wedding was an incredible day. The day began at an Air BnB where Molly stayed overnight with her bridesmaids...

Leslie + Sam’s wedding at the Cousiac Manor

Leslie and Sam's Wedding could not have had a more perfect day. Well, the day initially started off cloudy, but things cleared up rather quickly. 

Vijaya + Niels Wedding Day in Norfolk

Vijaya and Niels wedding day was very amazing to capture. There was an aura of love, family and joy throughout the duration of their wedding. 

Rachel + Axl’s Wedding Day

Rachel and Axl's wedding day was stunning from beginning to end. On wedding day's most couples express their emotions deep down within.

Sunrise Photo session at Pleasure Point w. Katia and Matthew

Katia and Matthew had one of the most spectacular weddings ever. Although, they never had the opportunity to have photos taken at sunset. So, what we decided to do is schedule another date, with the idea to capture sunset.

Spirit of Norfolk Wedding w. Aimee and Ben

Capturing the essence of Aimee and Ben's infinite love for each other was an absolute honor. Looking through the lens of my cameras, I can just sense the amount of love and adventure in store for them.

Obici House Wedding w. Kim and Bernhard

Kim and Bernhard's wedding was just amazing! I can't describe how much of an honor it truly was to capture a wedding filled with so much love. From the moment both families arrived, there was this vibe of love and joy in the air. 

Caryn + Ed’s Virginia Beach Wedding

Caryn and Ed traveled all the way from the mid-west to Virginia Beach for their beautiful wedding. Being their wedding date was in early May, you never really know what type of weather might show up. View their wedding day that involves an amazing sunrise photo session.

Ashley + Cory

Ashley and Cory's wedding was absolutely perfect from beginning to end. The mountain air's perfect embrace really helped culminate a beautiful wedding day.