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Listed below are a selection with some of my weddings and engagements through the years. Click on the respective link to view more from the weddings and engagement sessions.

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Weddings, Weddings and Engagement Sessions

Raina and Colin’s backyard wedding in Chesapeake, Virginia

Raina and Colin's backyard wedding was a beautiful reflection of their deep love for each other. The unique intimacy of their special day was captured flawlessly through the lens of Wedding Photography by Wes Shinn.

Raina and Colin's backyard wedding in Chesapeake, Virginia.
Weddings, Weddings and Engagement Sessions

Ayla and Luke’s wedding in Pensacola, Florida

Ayla and Luke had a special wedding day in Florida, which was a usual hot summer day, but their celebration made it extraordinary. The picturesque setting of a rustic barn added charm to their big day. Amidst the countryside vibes, the talented wedding photographer, Wes Shinn, captured all the precious moments of their ceremony and reception, making their memories last forever.

Ayla and Luke's wedding in Pensacola, Florida


Wedding Photography by Wes Shinn

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