My Approach & Style

my style is a mix of lifestyle, documentary, and film. These styles encapsulate what I really enjoy capturing.

My encouragement to all of my couples is to take advantage of the sunset. It’s really the only day of your life to capture it’s radiance with your glowing love for each other.

In the event there is no sunset, that’s where my creative experience comes into where I will make sure you have powerful photos that tell your love and wedding story.

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When love begins....

and has no end

love and photos

the mission for great photos

My style has developed over the course of more than 15 years of working in the photography industry. What you see from my passion is a culmination of influences from film, romance, and modern-day visual storytelling. I have really discovered that I love to capture couples story on their wedding day. It’s an incredible thing to capture and I do my absolute best to go above and beyond for all of my couples.

i love what i do

I love to get to know my couples. It is important for everyone to be comfortable and trust each other. By being connected to my clients, I can better portray the personality and dynamics of your relationship, and be cognizant for those quiet moments that will mean so much to you later. Let’s meet up and grab some coffee or tea, our cameras and engage ourselves in a fun, personalized and exciting engagement session. I take a unique approach to tell your story, getting to know you and your families intimately, hiding in the shadows and working really hard to capture each moment with high quality and dramatic imagery. I’ll guide you some and put you into the best light, but it’s as natural as hugging, kissing, and being together.

Whether you’ve done a professional shoot before or not, I will guide you throughout the day and keep everything running as smoothly as possible. My promise and commitment is that I will capture your priceless moments to the highest standard possible that will leave you fully satisfied with your photographs. My packages are fully tailored to your needs and desires with nothing more or less than what you desire. I always include full day wedding photo coverage and access to your images. With my packages and A La Carte options, you can have extra sessions such as engagement or bridals, or you may fill your home with amazing handcrafted albums, prints, and wall art. My full day packages begin at $2,200.

love adventure

As a photographer, my goal is to capture every detail of your wedding day. There is so much work that goes into it all, everything needs to be captured.