Washington D.C. love with Maryanne and Thomas

Maryanne and Thomas’ engagement session in Washington D.C. was pure fire. Not just because of their love, but also because the day of their engagement session was hot. Hot as in 110 degrees… which just complemented their love for each other.

I don’t think there is any better way than to adventure around D.C. together. One of the things I always admire when first being introduced to couples is their unique way of supporting each other. In life, things happen. On this day I just happened to lose my phone. For a brief time, I thought it was gone. But Maryanne and Thomas were so extremely caring to spend time to help me find the phone. Amazingly in a period of 30 minutes, the phone was found!

In Washington D.C., we continued from Union Station to the National Monument area. This is where we stopped in Constitution Gardens, where we found an amazingly pretty Island. I loved capturing them here as it was just pristine and there was also no one around. Other than the bird that attacked us, this was amazing!

Then we moved over to the Lincoln Memorial area where we ended up taking the sunset photos.

They were just amazing to capture even in the heat and walking a lot! Look out for their wedding 🙂

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