November 14, 2019

Molly and Dustin’s wedding at Memorial Presbyterian Church

Molly and Dustin’s wedding was an incredible day.

The day began at an Air BnB where Molly stayed overnight with her bridesmaids. They then began to get ready for their incredible wedding day at the same place. It was quite an incredible place that was very open and had one of the most stunning views in St. Augustine.

After Molly and the bridesmaids were all ready, they transitioned over to Memorial Presbyterian Church. This is a church that Henry Flagler built, and to this day, it’s just as stunning. It’s one of a kind church with a European style in the U.S.

Once Dustin and the groomsmen were all set with the ceremony ready to begin, the day was just getting started. Molly had an emotionally riveting first look that provoked some loving tears from her father’s cheeks. There’s not a moment in the world that is similar to this feeling.

As the day continued the ceremony took place and then soon after we all celebrated at the renown O.C. White’s White Room. This was a day that was like no other – filled with love, some tears, and then nothing but joy.