Visual Storytelling For Businesses

Whether you’ve been in business for 1 year or 40 years, I believe every business has a story to tell. Why is this important? Because your story builds trust, relationships and the most important thing – why people should invest in your business.

The Storytelling Matters

Humans are wired to connect with visuals. Our brains process images far faster than text, and we’re more likely to remember things that we see. Visual storytelling taps into this power, allowing us to Communicate Complex Ideas Quickly, Evoke Emotion, Enhance Memory, Increase Engagement. 

Growing coffee in Colombia. By Wes Shinn Photography and Film

Planning is everything

Planning, Strategy, Execution

With more than 20 years of experience in digital communications and storytelling, Wes Shinn is able to provide the expertise for your business to succeed.

If you want your message to stick, visual storytelling is critical. It allows you to connect with your audience on a deeper level, making your content both memorable and impactful.

“Don’t self-sabotage the growth of your business thinking you don’t have a story to tell. That’s bologna. I believe every business has a story to tell because their success is my success. I wouldn’t be doing what I do for two decades if I didn’t believe in you.” – Wes Shinn



Photo & Video Packages

Packages include:

Professional Headshots
Branding images
Customized Video 
Promo Video
Story Telling Video

Web Design Packages

Have an outdated website that needs to meet modern times? Your missing out on some serious potential business. Update your website today and bring in more revenue.


Prices start at $2,000

Digital Media Consulting

Enroll in a six-hour course with Wes Shinn that covers all things digital media.

This course includes:

creating ads on social media

principles of digital media 

Price starts at $550

All In One Package

Because I believe in every business, this package sets up business owners in not just content, but how to succeed beyond product delivery. This package includes Photo/Video, Web Design and Digital Media Consulting.


Prices start at $3,500

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