April 7, 2020

Ashley + Alex’s Engagement Photos | Virginia Beach and NEON Norfolk

Ashley and Alex's adventure-filled engagement session was full of love. To be honest, this was the last session I had until quarantine happened. So I wanted to make the best of everything that we could. I know anytime a couple wants to have multiple locations involved - they really care for not just the photos but for each other. 

We started off the session on Virginia Beach, where it actually was quite windy and cold. Despite that, they were still able to warm each other up for some amazing photos.

Once we finished with the beach sunrise photo session we then transitioned over to an area called NEON Norfolk. This area has completely changed over the last few years. This is now such a beautiful and eclectic area to adventure around. Every time I walk through here there’s always new stores and shops to explore.

Check out their amazing day!