2018 Year in Review

December 28, 2018

2018 was a year filled with so much love. I was honored to capture 30 weddings all over the state of Virginia. I’m always honored that couples want my creative natural style to capture their wedding day and sometimes engagement sessions.

One thing I’ve learned is that love takes work. It’s a lot of work to put together a wedding that matches your intended style. I think it’s really important that YOUR wedding totally matches the style of your life with each other. Another thing I love is to give advice on how I can best capture all of the hard work that goes into a wedding.

There are so many things that happen on wedding days. Everything from making sure family members are where they are supposed to be, to the flowers, catering, and the list goes on. I’m not the only vendor that is there to make the day extremely memorable, as all of the wedding vendors are.

As you view my highlight photos from 2018 and the stories behind them, my hope is that you gain a sense for how much I love capturing photos from wedding days. I’ve been capturing photos for a while now, and I hope to capture yours too.

Please enjoy the photo highlights from 2018.

Sunset photos at NOAH's Chesapeake
Sunset photos at NOAH’s Chesapeake | Photo by Wes Shinn

Melicia and Joey initially booked me in 2017 and their wedding was absolutely amazing to capture. I remember when we first met, at our first meeting, we ended up having a conversation for almost two hours. I love it when I meet couples over coffee and we just chat about them, life and future adventures

View Their Photos: https://www.wesshinn.com/gallery/wedding-adoration/

Allison and Jason’s wedding was nothing short of amazing. They actually had their wedding at the Pole Green Church, near Richmond. After the wedding we ultimately drove to the downtown Richmond area to multiple locations. One thing I truly enjoyed about them was really just being a part of the family. I felt like I fit right in.

View Their Photos: https://www.wesshinn.com/gallery/allison-jason/

Kim and Aaron's wedding.| Photo by Wes Shinn
Kim and Aaron’s wedding.| Photo by Wes Shinn

Kim and Aaron first came to me describing they were having a smaller wedding but wanted photos taken at a local Air BNB. When they sent me a link to where they wanted photos taken I about did a back flip with excitement. I knew I was going to take fantastic photos for them when they showed me the venue locations.

View Their Photos: https://www.wesshinn.com/gallery/kim-aaron/

Sherri and Nathan's pre wedding photos | Photo by Wes Shinn
Sherri and Nathan’s pre wedding photos | Photo by Wes Shinn

Sherri and Nathan’s wedding might be the most memorable wedding of the year. Not by what you think, but because a hurricane forced them to move their wedding from Virginia Beach to Washington D.C. – Just days before the wedding. What might be considered disastrous, turned out to be quite amazing. I totally was flexible and drove up to D.C. to capture their wedding – and it was filled with love in every detail.

View Their Photos: https://www.wesshinn.com/gallery/sherri-nathan/

Molly and Dustin walking near the Castillo De San Marco | Photo by Wes Shinn
Molly and Dustin walking near the Castillo De San Marco | Photo by Wes Shinn

Molly and Dustin are completely awesome. Ok, I might be a little biased here because Molly is my cousin. But seriously, I couldn’t be more excited to capture their wedding in St. Augustine in Fall 2019.

View Their Photos: https://www.wesshinn.com/gallery/oldcity-love-vibes/

Natalie and Chris at sunset | Photo by Wes Shinn
Natalie and Chris at sunset | Photo by Wes Shinn

Natalie and Chris were absolutely amazing to capture. One thing I really admired was how much really just loved on Natalie on both the wedding day and engagement session. The photos from both those days came out absolutely amazing and it was really because of how much love they have for each other. This photo in particular was not necessarily planned for this, but because the clouds were there, we decided to go for it. Just because there’s no true sunset doesn’t mean you can improvise.

View Their Photos: https://www.wesshinn.com/gallery/natalie-chris/

Karen and Jr’s wedding was just amazing. I think this photo that reminds of the movie “Gone With the Wind” really visually tells the story of the day. To be honest, for this photo, we almost missed it. Sometimes, as much as you plan to do sunset photos, the clouds come quickly and the sun begins to set sooner than expected. In this case, I actually really urged them to come and watch the sunset. I was so happy we did that.

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Kara and Nick's Sunrise photo session | Photo by Wes Shinn
Kara and Nick’s Sunrise photo session | Photo by Wes Shinn

There’s not many couples who are willing to get up for a sunrise photo session. In 2018, there was only one, Kara and Nick. This photo session was actually the morning after their wedding. We decided to meet at around 5:30 a.m. to capture the entire duration of the sunrise. I’m super excited for them because it really made my heart melt when we were able to get this type of photo at sunrise.

View Their Photos: https://www.wesshinn.com/gallery/kara-nick/

Amanda and Eric's Engagement Session | Photo by Wes Shinn
Amanda and Eric’s Engagement Session | Photo by Wes Shinn

Amanda and Eric were so much fun to capture. I didn’t know it until about halfway through the engagement session, but I learned Eric pulled an all-night work shift the night before. I wouldn’t have ever noticed. I really enjoyed this photo session because at sunset, we went exploring into the woods – and it was every ounce of awesome.

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Tracy and Daryl's engagement photos
Tracy and Daryl’s engagement photos | Photo by Wes Shinn

I think this was one of the last hot sunny days before it started transitioning to fall. I actually discovered the location where we capture their engagement photos. It turned out we had the whole beach to ourselves. Doesn’t that tree remind you of Lion King?

Stay tuned for their wedding in early 2019.

View Their Photos: https://www.wesshinn.com/gallery/secret-love-beach/

Sara and James had the power love transcending first look that I’ve come across. The amount of pure joy they had for each other was just breathtaking when they first saw each other. I was so excited for them that I was able to capture this moment they will have the rest of their lives.

View Their Photos: https://www.wesshinn.com/gallery/sara-james/

Katie and Brett's wedding | Photo by Wes Shinn
Katie and Brett’s wedding | Photo by Wes Shinn

Katie and Brett were an absolute gem to capture. To be able to go to multiple locations during the wedding day for photos is always a blessing and challenge. The challenge because I have the responsibility in making sure everything goes smoothly as possible. The blessing is that the amount of photos taken during this time is substantial.

View Their Photos: https://www.wesshinn.com/gallery/katie-brett/

Sara and Justin's wedding | Photo by Wes Shinn
Sara and Justin’s wedding | Photo by Wes Shinn

Sara and Justin’s wedding was quite memorable, because it was on Memorial Day weekend. I don’t think they could have had more perfect weather as just a few days earlier it was still quite cold. During their wedding day I was able to capture so much of their love, and their families love for them. I absolutely love the beach and I really enjoy beach weddings. So I was so excited for them!

View Their Photos: https://www.wesshinn.com/gallery/sara-justin/

Christina and David's Wedding | Photo by Wes Shinn
Christina and David’s Wedding | Photo by Wes Shinn

Christina and David were definitely my most adventurous couple of the year. Not only did they hike a mountain for their engagement photos, but they also braved 30 degree temperatures on their wedding day. Even through all of that, they were just in love with each other as if it were perfect weather or conditions all the time.

View Their Photos: https://www.wesshinn.com/gallery/christina-david/

I’m excited for all of my 2019 couples who have already booked me and for those looking to me as their wedding photographer, don’t hesitate because my dates are filling quickly.